Geodata in Digital Marketing: Cooperation with Uhoo

March 26, 2020

Anyone who had previously planned to address a target group in digital marketing usually did so using cookies. However, dwindling data is an ongoing subject of discussion in the industry: while browsers such as Safari and Firefox already block cookies by default, the most-used browser Chrome will follow suit in 2022. 

We are pleased to launch together with Uhoo a data product for Digital Marketing and Digital out of Home (DOOH), which works without cookies. Uhoo enables efficient targeting thanks to comprehensive geodata from a wide range of topics and sources. Using intelligent algorithms, the data is combined in such a way that a specific product can be advertised within the selected target group with just one click. In summer, for example, a newly launched water ice can be advertised in every swimming pool and along lake and river banks. Hyperlocal targeting minimises wastage and enables the customer to use resources efficiently and in a targeted manner.

More about Uhoo in an interview in the magazine and on

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