Intelligent algorithms for the construction industry

September 7, 2020

The potential of digitalisation in the construction industry is far from exhausted and offers countless opportunities. Smart technologies increase the  efficiency and quality of work processes and data and create transparency within the entire value chain. This also applies to the analysis and collection of building applications: In Switzerland, building applications are published in official gazettes and published weekly. This is of particular interest to craft enterprises in order to obtain new potential orders. Until now, these have been collected and structured manually in order to provide a clean and efficient data basis for players in the construction industry. However, the manual processing has high costs and a time delay.

For the startup smartconext, Novalytica has automated the entire process of data collection and preparation of building applications from the official gazettes. We use intelligent algorithms that search the official gazettes for building applications and store the data in a clean and structured way in a database. . By automating this process, smartconext is able to offer construction companies and other enquirers cost-effective and timely access to all building applications in the Swiss market. Under the following link you will find an overview of the offers:

Smartconext in the news:

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