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Data-Driven Decisions

A sound database, efficient data tools and automated data flows and processes are crucial for success in a competitive market environment. Studies show that companies that work in a data-based manner are significantly more profitable.

As a leading provider of data and data science services, we support a large number of real estate players on their way to becoming data-driven companies with a team of experts at the interface of real estate and data science.

Our clients and partners

Novalytica Data Services​

Data Collection and Processing

Benefit from our expertise in automated data capture and classification, even for complex, unstructured data sources.

Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Using state-of-the-art tools and intelligent algorithms, our Data Scientists analyze large volumes of data and optimize processes.

Business Intelligence

Use BI tools to leverage a variety of data sources for your enterprise.

Data Strategy

Our experts show you how to generate real added value from data - the challenge of every organization.

Studies and Analyses

We analyze specific issues in a data-driven manner using modern statistical methods.

Data Academy

Gain new skills in data analysis in our in-house workshops or courses.

Efficient portfolio reporting with Microsoft Power BI

Successful portfolio management and holistic reporting require a clean data basis. Especially in portfolio management, many data sources and their potential are currently insufficiently used. The linking of data and its visual representation in an interactive dashboard enables a quick and comprehensible overview of large amounts of data in easily digestible images. Reports can thus be created in just a few clicks. With Power BI, the leading business intelligence solution from Microsoft, we link a variety of data sources around your portfolio and enrich them with external data on the real estate market. Extensive reports for various target groups can be generated automatically. You also gain new insights into your portfolio, identify possible risks and discover optimisation potential. Integrated portfolio management with Microsoft Power BI saves you time and allows you to concentrate on the essentials: The analysis.


ESG data management

The measurability and traceability of sustainability goals is taking on an increasingly important role for companies. However, the reporting of these sustainability goals is very time-consuming and tedious. With our expertise at the interface of data and real estate, we have therefore developed an efficient and modern data infrastructure for the processing of ESG data in cooperation with the leading real estate service provider Wincasa. The platform enables the flexible and automated integration of a variety of ESG-relevant data sources and can be adapted to individual requirements in order to generate the optimal benefit from your sustainability data.

A comprehensive database

The real estate market traditionally exhibits a high degree of intransparency. Thanks to large amounts of data, intelligent algorithms and user-friendly data tools, the market can be analysed ever better, thus increasing transparency in the market. We provide our clients with the most comprehensive database on the Swiss real estate market and develop local indicators and forecasts based on new data sources and machine learning methods with our team of real estate experts, economists, statisticians and physicists. Our team of experts combines statistical models and the latest research results with the aim of providing decision-makers with an excellent data-based decision-making basis. You can access a variety of data sources directly via Excel add-in, API or our interactive market analysis application MarketAnalyzer. With our partner Alphaprop, we also offer the most comprehensive database for indirect real estate investments.

Support and consulting related to real estate data and infrastructure projects

An efficient data and IT infrastructure is a prerequisite for all real estate players for future success in a competitive market environment. Driven by the digitalisation of work processes, a variety of data and IT tools have come onto the market in recent years, covering different needs and areas of the real estate market economy. For an organisation, it is crucial that suitable tools are used that cover current needs well and at the same time also meet future challenges. Our experts accompany you on a strategic level on your way to becoming a digital company and support you in optimising the data infrastructure, selecting new data tools or implementing new systems and tools.

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