Targeted marketing, customer insights and efficient campaign planning through data analytics

Customer Insights & Data Analytics

Knowing the needs of customers and addressing them in a personalised and targeted manner not only increases sales, but also binds customers to the company in the long term. This is central in B2C customer relationships. But also in B2B business, the strategic use of data can massively improve the use of resources and accelerate growth. In addition to data analysis, the focus is on deriving actionable and business-relevant steps. With our interdisciplinary team, we support you along the entire data journey, from conception to the creation of models and dashboards to operationalisation and training in the area of customer insights.

Data for efficient targeting

We collect and structure a variety of data sources from public sources and the internet, which help to use the available resources in sales and marketing more efficiently in B2C and B2B business. We delve into the depths of the data landscape for you and look for indicators that tell us where things are moving and where potentials will soon be available.

We would be happy to put together a proposal for your specific question on how your organisation can reach the target group even better thanks to a better data basis.

Customer Insights Consulting and Implementation

Operationalisation in focus

Presentations help to communicate concepts and results. However, the value of data can only be used if models and algorithms are operationalised and integrated into the data infrastructure, thus creating value in day-to-day business. We ensure that machine learning does not remain just a “buzzword” and is integrated with a pragmatic approach. In addition to development and technical integration, we focus in particular on training the people involved, because in addition to the technical infrastructure, the organisation must also develop further.

Novalytica Data Services​

Data Collection and Processing

Benefit from our expertise in automated data capture and classification, even for complex, unstructured data sources.

Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Using state-of-the-art tools and intelligent algorithms, our Data Scientists analyze large volumes of data and optimize processes.

Business Intelligence

Use BI tools to leverage a variety of data sources for your enterprise.

Data Strategy

Our experts show you how to generate real added value from data - the challenge of every organization.

Studies and Analyses

We analyze specific issues in a data-driven manner using modern statistical methods.

Data Academy

Gain new skills in data analysis in our in-house workshops or courses.

Comprehensive database

We have comprehensive geodata which are used in B2C and B2B campaigns. With a clean data basis, we offer you:

Target accuracy: Reach your target group without wastage, both online and offline.

Flexibility: You can integrate any data source (databases, Excel, csv etc.) automatically if required. Market data is always up to date thanks to APIs such as the Nova API.

Customisable: We make suggestions based on our expertise. You can customise the application according to your wishes.

Data-based tools for successful campaigns

Our planning tool, CampaignViewer, is characterised by machine learning algorithms that capture patterns in the data and display them in an application-oriented way. The tool combines different data sources in the areas of politics, economics, socio-demographics and social media to provide a diverse social media to provide them with a diverse data-driven decision-making basis for the implementation of online and offline campaigns.

Uhoo: Targeted marketing thanks to comprehensive data aggregation

Our collaboration with Uhoo shows a slice of Novalytica’s working environment.

As part of the development, we have laid a virtual network across the whole of Switzerland. So we can tell you to the nearest hectare which people work where, where they live and how expensive their house is – anonymized, of course. We can see what people vote for in each municipality, how many schools or bodies of water are located in a neighborhood, or how far it is to the nearest public transport station. By aggregating and analyzing millions of Swiss data, we know almost everything there is to know.

We make this knowledge and the exclusive data available to you. This summer, for example, we were able to advertise a new water ice in every swimming pool and along lakeshores and riversides.


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