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Automated data collection using web scraping and machine learning algorithms

The success of any data-driven decision depends on whether the right data has been collected and processed correctly. Traditional manual data collection can be very resource intensive and error prone. The internet in particular offers endless possibilities as a treasure trove of data. This information needs to be collected, structured and processed in real time so that decision makers can make data-based decisions.

We support organisations throughout the data process by sourcing the right data so that you can make decisions based on sound analyses. Our team uses web scraping algorithms, optical character recognition algorithms and machine learning models to automatically capture even complex data sources with unstructured and high quality information.

Novalytica Data Services​

Data Collection and Processing

Benefit from our expertise in automated data capture and classification, even for complex, unstructured data sources.

Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Using state-of-the-art tools and intelligent algorithms, our Data Scientists analyze large volumes of data and optimize processes.

Business Intelligence

Use BI tools to leverage a variety of data sources for your enterprise.

Data Strategy

Our experts show you how to generate real added value from data - the challenge of every organization.

Studies and Analyses

We analyze specific issues in a data-driven manner using modern statistical methods.

Data Academy

Gain new skills in data analysis in our in-house workshops or courses.

Use Case: Automated data collection and processing services for the real estate industry

Throughout Switzerland, current building applications are published weekly in official gazettes and are of particular interest to tradesmen and construction companies. Until recently, the applications had to be collected manually from various sources or purchased expensively from third-party providers.

The company Smartconext solves this problem and collects building applications from all over Switzerland and bundles them in a clearly arranged application.

Novalytica supports Smartconext over the entire process of data collection and processing. For this purpose, we use intelligent algorithms that search for the specific information in various information sources, process and classify the data and store the determined data cleaned and structured in a database. The application automatically updates the data and enables profit-boosting reallocation of resources that were previously trapped in laborious data collection and preparation.

Data delivery-as-a-service

We have a large number of georeferenced data series from a wide range of sources and offer the data delivered automatically via an API in a licence model. We build web scraping infrastructures and, if required, also take over the operation and monitoring of the data quality as a long-term partner.

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