Data for successful investment strategies

Utilizing Data

Data science solutions enable the financial industry to transform large amounts of structured and unstructured information into actionable insights and executable investment strategies. We support our clients in the processing of unstructured data and in the analysis and creation of machine learning algorithms. With an interdisciplinary team at the interface of data and economics, we not only understand the data craft, but can also discuss thematic issues at eye level.

Novalytica Data Services​

Data Collection and Processing

Benefit from our expertise in automated data capture and classification, even for complex, unstructured data sources.

Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Using state-of-the-art tools and intelligent algorithms, our Data Scientists analyze large volumes of data and optimize processes.

Business Intelligence

Use BI tools to leverage a variety of data sources for your enterprise.

Data Strategy

Our experts show you how to generate real added value from data - the challenge of every organization.

Studies and Analyses

We analyze specific issues in a data-driven manner using modern statistical methods.

Data Academy

Gain new skills in data analysis in our in-house workshops or courses.

Financial market analyses with Alternative Data

We collect, evaluate and produce new data sets and transform them into quantified information for selected institutional investors. These non-traditional sources provide unique, predictive insights and ensure our clients stay ahead of the market. We develop these alpha-generating datasets using machine learning algorithms and enrich the data with traditional data sources. We currently have detailed data series for Swiss assets – expansion to the European region is underway.

Why Alternative Data?

We live in the age of data. The internet, smartphones and sensors are creating an unprecedented wealth of data that can provide additional or faster insights into the success of companies. The biggest opportunity for investors in this decade comes from the information buried in the data of the digital world. We set out to make some of these data sources available to investors in a structured form. Find out more about Alternative Data at

Alphaprop: Indirect real estate investments

Alphaprop collects unstructured data sources on the universe of indirect real estate investments with a focus on Switzerland and prepares them for institutional investors. As a data science partner, Novalytica supports Alphaprop throughout the entire data process, from data collection to data analysis.


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