Novalytica becomes founding partner of Alphaprop

September 7, 2020

Until now, indirect real estate investors had to painstakingly search the Internet for data published by real estate funds, Swiss investment foundations and listed real estate stock corporations. With the establishment of the Alphaprop data portal, the time-consuming and inefficient gathering of data in decentralised locations is no longer necessary. Alphaprop delivers fast and precise results and includes all data published since 2009 from Swiss investment foundations, real estate funds and, in future, also from listed real estate stock corporations. Data for the current year extracted directly from the product providers and other market information also help you to achieve positive alpha. Novalytica supports Alphaprop as a founding partner in the collection, analysis and visualisation of data as well as in setting up the entire data infrastructure.

Alphaprop combines many years of experience in the real estate market with the ability to analyse data streams. Our offering creates significant client benefits and increases transparency in the indirect Swiss real estate market.

Our founding team combines know-how with a passion for real estate and data:

  • Dr. Dr. Urs Hausmann
  • Dr. Massimo Mannino
  • Dr. Thomas Spycher
  • Karl Theiler
  • Jonathan van Gelder

If you have any questions or would like a non-binding exchange, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

The data portal includes:


Investment products

CHF 120 Mrd.

Total assets


Real estate


Data from

and is constantly being expanded. Have a look at our demo video!

Portfolio-Reporting mit Power BI

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