Analysis of the job market in times of crisis

September 7, 2020

Conventional employment data are usually published with a substantial delay and therefore do not adequately reflect the current labour market situation – especially during times of fast changes and crisis. In order to counter this problem, with our partner X28 we conduct analyses of job advertisements that reflect current trends and changes in the labour market in real time.

As the chart below shows, the Corona crisis had a massive effect on the job market. In March, around 13,000 fewer jobs were published than in the same period last year. Sectors that were particularly hard hit by the lockdown in spring – such as the hotel and restaurant industry – recorded a decline in job offers of almost 80% in the first 4 weeks after the lockdown. The easing of the corona measures then led to a recovery in the job market, particularly from June onwards; in August the number of published jobs finally returned to the previous year’s levels.

Selected media reports:

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