Data Science and Machine Learning Consulting

Data Science combines statistical, mathematical, economic, and programming methods to generate meaningful insights from data that help companies make smarter business decisions. Using a range of statistical models, we support our clients in a variety of business areas with the goal of using existing data to make the business more efficient and profitable.

Our data science experts can help you develop and implement your data strategy, select software and tools, collect and structure data, and develop complex data models. Take advantage of our data scientists’ expertise to find patterns in your data, forecast sales, analyze the effectiveness of different regulations, automate processes, run simulations and much more.


  • Systematic collection, cleaning and matching of big data

  • Web-scraping and preparation of online data

  • Easy access to hundreds of data sets via an Excel Add-in and API

  • Database management and integration


  • User-friendly, industry-specific data tools

  • Data cockpits using business intelligence technologies

  • Interactive and dynamic visualizations

  • Automated reporting


  • Data mining and explorative analysis

  • Predictive modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Experimental analysis and causal inference

  • Simulation models

Do you have specific needs?

We are happy to advise you and analyze which areas of your organization could benefit from an improved usage of data-driven decisions or could be optimized by intelligent algorithms.

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