Nova-DB Excel Add-In - Beta Version

Our Excel Add-In allows you to import data from our database directly into Excel. This offers the following advantages:

  • Time-saving, direct import: All data series from our database can be imported directly into Excel in a structured format.
  • User-friendly access: The add-in provides an intuitive overview of existing data series and makes them directly accessible.
  • Automatic update: Data series can be updated with a single click. This means that you always receive the current values directly in Excel and do not have to manually adjust existing analyses.

Use free access to hundreds of data series from the fields of economics, real estate, demography and politics directly in Excel. Create your access in a few minutes via “Login”. You will find instructions for installing and obtaining data via the Excel add-in below or in the add-in instructions.  Updates to the existing data series are communicated via Linkedin, Twitter and our newsletter.

Our premium offer gives you unlimited access to many other data series and to the largest structured database of local data in Switzerland. We will be happy to send you an overview of the available premium data or advise you in a personal conversation.



Direct access to 200 structured data series



Direct access to premium data series


Good visualizations allow a quick and understandable overview of large amounts of data in easily digestible images. All our data series can be used in an interactive application or linked to internal data.

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