Data cockpits and machine learning enable efficient analyses

Good visualizations allow a quick and understandable overview of large amounts of data in easily interpretable graphs. Our data cockpits give you the desired insights within minutes based on a variety of local market data and machine learning applications.

Interaction between market data and internal data provides new insights

Our flexible solution enables the integration of your data with a wide range of market data. This means you have all your data in one place and save time in data analysis. The interaction of market data and internal data provides new insights and allows you to efficiently identify potentials and risks.

The advantages of our solution:

All relevant internal and external data at a glance

Intuitive and meaningful visualizations

New insights thanks to the use of machine learning and intelligent algorithms

Time-saving analyses: Just a few clicks to access the relevant information

Easy export of data to Excel or graphics for presentations

Do you have specific needs?

We are happy to support you in setting up an internal data cockpit based on open-source technologies (e.g. R Shiny) or business intelligence tools (Qlik Sense, Power BI, Tableau).

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